About Us


AllForLocal is a project that aims to connect local businesses with their patrons and with one another. What started as an idea for a simple directory of the small businesses in Troy, NY, quickly grew into a project whose goal is to provide a centralized platform for local discussion and discovery. We're currently working with several regional business organizations to develop and test the website and the accompanying tools that will serve as that platform. We see AllForLocal primarily as a way to:

  1. Help individuals find products locally and connect with the businesses in their communities,
  2. Help local businesses increase their visibility and communicate the strengths that make them valuable, and
  3. Help local economies, and consequently the national and global economies, as well as the environment by making shopping locally convenient.

AllForLocal is based in Troy, NY.

Buying Locally

The 'buy local' movement has two main goals. First, buying products and services from locally owned and operated businesses greatly benefits the local economy by keeping the money in the community. For example, buying a book at a local store keeps 45 cents per dollar in the local community, whereas the same purchase at a chain store returns only 13 cents per dollar. [1]

Also, local businesses tend to buy products and hire locally. A local bookstore will create 2.14 local jobs for every $1 million in sales, compared to only 1.27 local jobs per $1 million in sales created by a chain store. [2] Second, buying locally reduces the use of resources necessary to transport the products across the country. Not only is the buy local approach more environmentally sustainable, it is economically feasible and beneficial for small and large communities alike.

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